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New investments are very important for all community and its future. They bring new workplaces and thus ensure wealth and security for all inhabitants. Therefore self-government authorities more and more often compete in attracting investors and are aware that only the best can win the race! It's for the best and the most active communities, which invest successfully and are proud of the best officers' work quality, that the Competition "Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location has been created.


The 1st edition of the Competition "Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location took place in the year 2002. The idea was born among others thanks to long-term contacts with the Laureates of a twin programme "Business Fair Play". This experience let us draw a conclusion that if there are ethical, reliable and exemplary businesses, there are also model communities promoting sustainable development, profitable for local society as well as for business. Cooperating entrepreneurs called our attention to the need of verification of self-governments' activities, which not only organize everyday life of their inhabitants and entrepreneurs but also create their image which may encourage businessmen to plan their investments there or discourage to initiate any activity in a community.


The organizer of the programme and competition "Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location is Foundation "Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy". The competition is an affiliate of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The Institute has a long-term experience in promoting ethics and supporting entrepreneurship in business and local self-governments proved by many organized trainings, conferences and publications, e.g. "Development of rural economy", "Promoting investments by communities", "Investment strategies of communities", "Cooperation of non-government organizations with local self-government" and others. The Institute has realized a project "Local government legislation monitoring. Building the system of advocacy and consultations of development needs of SMEs on the local government level" co-financed by EU within the Programme "Supporting activities of advocacy and monitoring" - component 2, no PL 2004/016-829.01.02.02 within the Transition Facility Programme 2004 "Improving social awareness and strengthening the role of NGOs in advocacy and monitoring". The project was aimed at creating mechanisms of introducing social partners, especially organizations representing entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, foundations and associations supporting entrepreneurship in the process of local and regional legislation. Two publications were issued: "Self-government participative democracy" and "Self-government legislative monitoring. Monitoring of the local law by social partners".

In 2008 the Institute issued a publication " Electronic self-government communication. Innovative tools for advocacy of social interests" which is a summary of analyses conducted within a project "E-advocacy of social interests in local government. Modern tools of information and local advocacy" co-financed by EU in the framework of a contract no 10071/JFK/PPt-DG/2007-2005/017-488.01.01.01/ngo/198. Another project addressed among others to self-governments was "GOOD GOVERNANCE THROUGH SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION. Increasing participation of non-governmental organizations in the legislation process". The project was co-financed by EU from the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Programme, Submeasure 5.4.2. More information about the projects and publications of the Institute is available at the website

In 2013 the Institute started implementation of two other projects addressed to self-governments and in cooperation with them: project no POKL.05.04.02-00-F30/13 "STANDARDS OF PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS. Improving public consultations regarding legal regulations and establishing public policies in Mszczonów Community" and project no POKL.05.04.02-00-G52/13 "Good governance. Development and implementation of cooperation model of 7 self-government units with NGOs". Both projects are co-financed by EU from the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Programme, Submeasure 5.4.2.

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