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Benefits for participants


  • Possibility to establish contacts with reliable entrepreneurs.
  • Attracting new investors.
  • Objective verification of communities in the field of meeting the certification requirements.
  • Obtaining an independent assessment of investors thanks to a survey analyses of investors conducted by the competition office in the 2nd stage of the programme in all the participating communities - on the basis of the investors' opinions the community receives a benchmarking report - a unique tool useful in improving investor service quality and organization of work in the office. The survey includes 20 questions regarding investor service in a community.
  • Receiving information about community's marketing position in comparison to other communities participating in the competition and possibility to introduce changes in the procedures and in investor service organization based on the benchmarking analysis (a community receives information about its position in comparison to the worst assessed community, the best assessed community and to the average results on the basis of the above mentioned surveys conducted among randomly selected investors in different communities participating in the 2nd stage of the competition - information is confidential and known only by the organizers and the interested communities).
  • Receiving the key arguments in negotiations with investors (e.g. a community is the best assessed in the field of a fast investor service in a selected group of communities).
  • Creating an image of an investor-friendly community.
  • Recommendation from business making a community more reliable.
  • Receiving an independent external assessment different than local assessment.
  • Declaration of complying with ethical standards which is especially important for entrepreneurs.
  • Wide promotion and possibility to present achievements and plans of the community. Several times a year we inform Polish, regional, local and branch mass media (press, radio, TV and Internet portals) about the competition and later about the Laureates. Every time the information is transferred to approx.1000 press, radio and TV editorial offices. In last years nearly 300 releases about the competition and its participants were issued in TV, radio and press. The competition and its participants/laureates are also promoted:
    • Among entrepreneurs participating and invited to the programme "Business Fair Play" (every year during direct meetings we invite about 18.000 entrepreneurs from all Poland to participate in the Programme);
    • Among Polish and foreign entrepreneurs visiting Polish Chamber of Commerce (among others during trade missions) and within foreign trade missions organized by Polish Chamber of Commerce;
    • In foreign embassies in Poland and trade departments in Polish embassies in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia;
    • In the Investment Catalogue "Community Fair Play" where communities may present their strengths and investment offers with possible updating;
    • Through the website of the competition;
    • During the official final gala of "Communities and Businesses Fair Play" in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw which gathers over 1000 guests from all Poland, mainly entrepreneurs and self-government officers and authorities - representatives of awarded companies and communities, but also representatives of the highest central and regional authorities, diplomatic posts and entrepreneurs' organizations. Participation in the gala of "Businesses and Communities Fair Play" is a perfect opportunity for the self-governments to establish contacts with potential investors.
    • Through Business Fair Play Bulletin which is distributed among others to all guests of the gala of "Businesses and Communities Fair Play",
  • Mobilization to conduct a self-assessment in a community in many fields while preparing the survey and during the audit in the community.
  • Opportunity to exchange information, experiences, to establish cooperation and contacts with other self-governments which succeed in attracting investors.
  • Awards: title, promotion emblem and certificate "Community Fair Play"; Statuette for the best communities in different categories, honour awards for communities distinguished in different categories, title of "Local Government Manager of the Year" for the effective community managers.
  • Possibility to take part in different type of meetings, trainings and events.
  • Receiving methodology regarding effective human resources management in the office - "Employment Fair Play" i.e. tips on how to create effective workers teams realizing their duties according to the accepted community development strategies. More information about Employment Fair Play is available at the website:

All the profits presented in the competition documents and this publication (investors survey analyses, reports, photos, participation in meetings and in the final gala, promotion in mass media, among entrepreneurs, presentation of community's offer in the Investment Catalogue and others) are offered within the competition fees (information regarding the fees are available in the rules of each edition of "Community Fair Play" Competition) and do not require any additional payments.

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