Community category:

Community: City and Community Babimost

Community category: town and small city

Voivodeship: lubuskie

Population: 6 274


Services and support for business

  • investor service office: NIE
  • City not certified with ISO

Information about investment possibilities in the Community

  • Departments in Community/Municipal Office responsible for business investments:
    • Business Activity Register
    • Department of Building
    • Department of ecology
    • Department of Community Management
    • Department of taxes
  • support in searching for building plot or real estate for sale
  • support in negotiations with utilities suppliers (gas, electricity, water, sewage etc.)
  • support in negotiations with owners of private plots
  • first contact legal advisory
  • support in workers recruitment
  • District Office/Representation of District Office issuing building permissions in the Community
  • connecting utilities to building plots for investor′s (business′) needs
  • co-financing company′s investments in utilities (scope negotiable)
  • tax discounts:
    • arranged individually
  • Tourist Information Office

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Photos of community

Zdjęcie City and Community Babimost
Zdjęcie City and Community Babimost
Zdjęcie City and Community Babimost